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Markets in Tel Aviv in March 2019

Markets are the 1st stop for every food lover, there for going to a market is one of my most loved tours while visiting another country and in this case the Markets in Tel Aviv. North Market, Shuk Tzafon Market north, in Hebrew “Shuk Tzafon” is a entrepreneurship of Michal Anski. Michal performed as a […]

Tel Aviv, Vegan

24 rupee vegan restaurant

🥁 Drum roll… 24 rupee is the 4th place of my Top 5 spicy dishes in Israel list. I have to be honest, I’m not a vegan, altough it did cross my mind a few times while I was visiting Israel, almost in every busy street corner you can find a place that sells Shawarma, […]

Beithafol - BeerSheba Israel
BeerSheba, Ful

Top 5 spicy dishes in Israel

There isn’t a good way to describe this outstanding place, so I’ll do my best.
Right after I went out of the train that brought me to Beersheba on my tour to Eilat and Jordan, I was really hungry and asked a few local Israeli people where should I eat, some gave me the generic answer of McD, some pointed me to local food chains, But I was looking for something genuine and local, a family business…

The best humus in Israel

The best humus in Israel

No one knows the identity of the person behind ha’bore, the only current way of contacting him and order the elusive humus dish is by entering a secret WhatsApp chat group which you can get only “on a need to know basis” and it is passed from one to another with great secrecy.