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Abu Gosh Israel restaurants and sweets

After great meal at Abu Gosh Israel restaurants we continue to the sweets and deserts.

Abu Gosh resturants and sweets

After eating in the Abu restaurant as mentioned in the previous story, visiting the Ein Hemed in this hot but beautiful weekend. Just a few stairs under the Abu Gosh restaurant you can find the Abu Gosh sweets.

We are discovering the Abu Gosh restaurant in Shalom street, Abu gosh is by the way to the Jerusalem, many pilgrims are visiting the holy city of the Holy land, on your next Israel tour make sure to stop here.

Abu Gosh resturants and sweets

An excellent finish of a great meal is the desert. There is a saying that claiming that women have a separate stomach for desserts.

In my case it’s true 😊

So what did we find at the sweets store?

Fresh made Kanafeh – in Arabic كُنافة‎.

Abu Gosh resturants and sweets

Kanafeh is a traditional middle east Deseret layer of Kadaief noodles, goat cheese, and sugar syrup, delicious desert better to eat hot or at least warm because the goat cheese is less tasty if not hot.

They also offering Baklava, I mentioned the Baklava few articles ago. Baklava is Turkish, or Lebanon oriented, there are a few versions of Baklava – with Kadaaeif noodles or with filo dough, many kinds of nuts and honey or sugar syrup.

I love the Baklava with the Kadaaif noodles.

Abu Gosh resturants and sweets

One more of the middle east delight is the Turkish delight or as it calls in Israel – Rahat Lokum.

It is another tremendous middle east, and Mediterranean cuisine and dessert.

In Arab it called rāḥat al-ḥulqūm (رَاحَة الْحُلْقُوم)  this means throat comfort, such as the excellent food we know that called comfort food, I guess the Lokum is one of this family.

This candy is gel-based, rose flavor, cinnamon or mint, and many more.

I love the tastes of the Lokum.

Abu Gosh resturants and sweets

What did we eat?

All of the above, I am sure there are many more, but these were ready to take.

The kids finished all the Kanafeh in the car before we even left Abu gosh so no doubt it was good!

While visiting Israel and the holy land following the pilgrims and the Israel roots for sure you will pass Abu gosh, don’t think twice – eat!

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Abu Gosh restaurant and Ein Hemed park

Eating at Abu Gosh resturants after a great day in Ein Hemed park

A great weekend at the outdoor taking a great Saturday at the great outdoors of the national parks of Israel, visiting the national park of Ein Hemed which you can read everything about it in this link:

Vip Israel

Abu Gosh restaurants Abu Gosh Israel cuisine and tours

This time we didn’t organize for a picnic; it is possible to picnic there, so I’m not sure why.

After enjoying the park, the kids (yeah right) wear so hungrily, and we wanted to eat. We love the cuisine Israel have to offer.

Till now we had a bad experience in the past in the Abu Gosh restaurants.

Abu Gosh Israel cuisine and tours

But, we were eating at the restaurants in the entrance of Abu gosh, Never drive inside.

This time we decided to go farther in.

It was the right call!

This was the first time we arrived at a place on a hilltop with a great view of the mosque of the Abu Gosh, this place have lots of history and heritage and it’s a bit part of the Holyland.

The Chechen created the mosque, and the story is that :

Councilor Salim Jaber, traveled to the Chechen capital Georgian and succeeded in convincing the Chechen government that the name Abu Ghosh is a disruption of the word “Ingusha,” the name of the area Mountains on the border of Chechnya and Georgia and that the villagers are initially Chechen (Shishan in Arabic).

The Chechen donated this mosque. You can visit it if you are coming to eat.

Back to our stomach, we got to a place named Abu Ghosh restaurant.

Abu Gosh Israel cuisine and tours

This restaurant won the enormous Hummus plate in the world!

Abu Gosh Israel cuisine and tours

Kind and inviting hospitality from the first second, we entered the restaurant.

Fresh, tasty salads, hand made fresh pitta bread hot from the over and tasty fresh Hummus.

Abu Gosh restaurants

We always trying to keep it simple, and it is also a good baseline to compare restaurants.

Abu Gosh Israel cuisine and tours

This time we also took the Pargit as I mentioned before and Kebabs.

Abu Gosh restaurants

The meat was so tasty! The kabab was grounded correctly, and the spices were just the right tasting.

At the end of the meal, they gave us hot coffee and watermelon.

I feel like I missed so much going to the wrong places in Abu Gosh and not eating there!

Abu Gosh Israel cuisine and tours coffee

I must say that for the amount of food and salads, with the drinks we took the bill was inexpensive.

Please, if you are around this restaurant, you must eat there!!

 Let me know!

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Beer and Food Festival

While exploring the taste of Israel and Israel cuisine and the unique sites in the Holyland cuisine I find the beer and food festival.

Sometimes I have fancy places to dine, sometimes I’m taking you to the Falafel and the markets, I’m doing my best to keep you up to date in the event and the places for Israeli food and dining.

Not long ago I gave you a review on the beer festival of Kfar Saba, Last week. There was a beer festival in Hod Hasharon, the festival is taking place in Ramat Hasharon in even Beer-Sheva.

In the beer festival in Kfar Saba, I wrote about the beers, this time I want to write about the food.

I did drink and taste some beers, but the food is the main things.

As I said in the previous blog post, I wrote about the food trucks.

This is a bit issue in Israel mostly because of the Kosher (hard to keep it without regular kitchen). And taxes (with the municipal authority – which city you will pay a fee in), and the kitchen and restaurants in Israel have some laws for business such as restaurants.

But in these kinds of events, it’s possible to invite portable kitchens such as the food trucks.

What food trucks and what kind of good was at the beer festival?

There wasn’t connecting line in the type of the kitchen and food. Prices were decently and didn’t exceed the 50 Shekel.

What dishes and what kind of food?

-Vegan point – there was a vegan burger, cauliflower in the coating, onion tempura and vegan hot dog

Beer, food, music, vegan

-Pizza food truck

Beer, food, music

-Smoked meat

Smoked meat

-Dim Sum

-German hot dog

-I saw baked potato, but I didn’t bother to take a picture or to eat that, anywhere you will go you will find potatoes.

Saved for last – the music.

Knesiat Hasechel is an Israeli band from Sderot.

They play authentic Israeli and ethnic music combined with rock music. Great band!

Overall it was a great evening beside the moist.

Until next time peace out

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Beer Festival in Kfar Saba, Cheers!

Do you like beer? And festivals? how about beer festival!?

What’s about the drinks?
Thirsty? Let’s drink!

The beer festival is not an Israeli idea, and Israel is not the origin of these kinds of events, but after being in one last weekend, I thought I should drop a line here about this great event.

Beer festival Kfar Saba

Beer Festival!

Music, food, and beer, this all that, needed to have a great evening.

What kind of food?

There were 40 kinds of beer from all over the world, including Israeli beers such as Negev, Malka taking respected place on the beers stage international beers.

Beer festival Kfar Saba

Proud of our Israeli products!

I understood there were even non-Gluten beers, which is excellent!

I like the sweet beers, but it’s hard for me to believe that anyone who wants beer will not find his taste there.

Food and food trucks

Right next to the beers (after all it’s a beer festival), there was an area of food trucks. The food truck is a new theme in Israel, and they are not allowed in the city areas so for now, we can enjoy them only in these kinds of festivals such this one and the Eurovision festival.

Food truck offered smoked meat – tasty meat. We had some great Berlin sausages, not really the Israeli heritage, but hey we want to eat.

Beer festival Kfar Saba

One for the food trucks offered great burgers, and others were making baked potatoes and pasta.

There was something for everyone to eat and to drink.

Last and I think least the music!

On the first day of the beer festival, the band – Monica sex performed – I understand that they gave a great show!

On the 2nd day of the beer festival (the day I was at the festival) – The performance was by Mofah Harnavot of Dr. Casper, there is no English way to write the name of the band.

Rock group from 1994, reunited not long ago and they have excellent rock music.

The festival was a free entrance.

I’m a big fan of such events and trying to go to every occasion there is.

I’ll keep an update here on any event I’ll go.


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Israel Quality Cuisine

Let’s talk about quality cuisine in Israel.

We are writing on all kind of food and news and info, but I like to attribute these lines for one of the known restaurants which is more than just a restaurant in Israel – IDI fish.

The IDI restaurant locates not far from the Ashdod beach.

What and where is Ashdod?

Ashdod is a harbor city in the southern district on the Mediterranean coast, only 32 Km from Tel Aviv.

Ashdod is the largest port city in Israel.

60% of imported goods in the country.

In the previous year, Ashdod has been suffering from alarms and booming from Gaza during the Military operations.

Ashdod is a biblical city, and even appears in the new testament.

After known a bit about this city let me tell you about Idi and his fish restaurant.

Idi fish restaurant

Idi was born In Israel, the first restaurant Idi opened was in 1980 with his wife Tali but closed in and reopened Idi which specialized in fish in 1982.

The restaurant moved to the current location in 1995, and it’s open since then.

Idi opens an Italian and fish store next to the fish restaurant.

IDI fish restaurant quality cuisine

The Restaurant

Counted as one of the best fish restaurants in Israel and not only between the fish restaurants.

Idi’s restaurant brings the scent of the sea to you to the plate accompanied by an artist’s touches that make the best of it.

By their site even after two decades of culinary doing, At the IDI Fish Restaurant, each day restarts from the ability of the sea to inspire – with fresh seasonal produce and rare treasures for the sea.

The restaurant became during the years to a for the anchor for diners from Israel and abroad who embark on a culinary journey on the Mediterranean coast that combines classic styles with local Israel taste and flavors.

IDI fish restaurant quality cuisine

The IDI offering fresh seafood and delicate, it’s is not Kosher, so it’s open on the weekends.

IDI won some great cocking and tourist rewards.

IDI fish restaurant quality cuisine

So, no matter if you are in Israel or coming to visit Israel alone or in a group, make sure to visit this great restaurant.

Make sure you are taking the Garlic wine shrimps or the Fried Calamari, or maybe the Mussels. I think anything you will take with is amazingly tasty!

Idi wrote some books and here is a link to some of IDI recipes from Mako.

Hope to see you there in one of the Israel quality cuisine institute, please let me know if you did go and what you ordered.

IDI fish restaurant quality cuisine

Live long and prosper!

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World Food Market

A world food market in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, 2019

In the last weekend we made a great decision, and we attended the 3rd World Food Market in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
It is the 3rd year that this food market is taking place and I’m so happy we were there, I want to tell you all about it but before I do I urge you that if you might have a chance go and eat there,

It’s those one of a kind cozy places that in 2-3 years you will find yourself telling to your friends “Hey I was there at the very beginning and I knew it’s going to be a huge success”, oh ya and we got a discounted beet vouchers at the entrance.

World food market - Tel Aviv-Jaffa

So, what did we eat?

I wish I could eat everything and I wish I had a separate stomach for each world food type they have but I don’t.
Before we got to the World food market we really wanted to eat Indian food and we said that the first thing will be the Indian food in the market.

Right after the first shoomzing in the market area we went to the Indian food booth, when we got there we encountered a dude in the booth trying to make his move on a girl while ignoring us all together.. well.. I’m certain he didn’t get the girl and on the way he lost customers, we will not buy anything in that Indian booth.

But we were hungry, and what was our first stop?
We started at the winner / hot dogs named Fat Dog, Offering a Berlin-style hotdog with Curry and Chili, it was tasty, but I’m not the right person to ask about it as I like hotdogs, the most interesting part was that the right after your order the dog, the guy pulls out a blow torch and burns the hot dog right before he plates it, and ohh boy that thing is good!

Hod dot world food market
World food market – Fat dog

The buns booth was right next the Fatdog one so we had a taste of the buns as well, we took a bun with Asado style meat and pickles, it was a beautiful bun… it’s not our first bun, and we even make buns at home, we had no surprises for the good or the bun.

bun world food market

After the great hot-dog and the bun with the asado, we decided to use the vouchers we got and had some break on the bar, they had only Maccabi, not Weihenstephan, after all it is an Israeli beer, but a very cold beer is good always good.
We are a little full here, but we must taste some more

The people in the Colombia booth were very happy, they are cocking great stuff with the corn flour.
We had an Empanadas from corn flour – tasty! We liked it a lot with meat and chicken.

Colombia corn flour

Our next stop was the Thai, but this time we eat only chips.

The Georgian booth was tasty, we had Georgian food, the Khachapuri with four kinds of cheese. We also had the Churchkhela – a sweet Georgian dessert – Candy made of grape juice mixed with flour and walnuts – energy boost!

Khachapuri four cheese

Time for Desserts? oh yes, please!

We left the final stops to the Japanese deserts.
Starting with Mochi, Mochi is a Japanese rice cake full of yummy ice cream. We tasted the Mango, Chai, and coconut.

And last in sweet Japan booth, here we had a few great desserts.

Asian dessert dango

We eat the Dango – Rice cake with sweet soya sauce.
We also tasted two other desserts, I don’t know the name; it was some lime ice cream and green tea, both were very tasty.

Japanese dessert

After eating so much, we went home for our Saturday nap under a well worthy A/C.
We always recommend on culinary tours over at Israel Experts.

Shabbat Shalom!

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Tel Aviv food markets

THE most center, young that never sleeps is for sure Tel Aviv. the food capital of Israel will be Tel Aviv.

All the most trendy Coffees and restaurants, the markets, the beaches, the events, as said Tel Aviv have it all.

I’ll start with the markets of the city.
Not long ago I’ve told you about the north market, this will be a brief and a short one of all the markets and next weekend I’m going to another food market In Tel Aviv, I’m going to tell you all about it next week.
Most markets have some privet food tours (I took one in Carmel market and Levinsky Market….but this is all for some other time 😉).
So, what market do we have in Tel Aviv?
I’m going to list you all the markets that offering food cause here we love food, here is the start:

Ha’Carmel Market

The Ha’Carmel Market is one of the best-known markets in Tel Aviv, in the Carmel market, there is not only food but and a vast but is that the most established street food kitchen is in the Carmel market, As I said I had a tour there, but it’s for some other time and story…
The Carmel has food, spices, the Carmel visiting many people – tourist, buyers, and anyone who love shopping.
The market address is 35 Ha’carmel St.

Ha’Tikva Market

The market located in the Tikva neighborhood. The market is offering fresh food, spices, home products, and some famous restaurant.
The Tikva market is one of the authentic markets in Tel Aviv and Israel.
The Tikva markets address is 10 Ha’Tikva St.

The Tikave Market

Levinsky Market

The Levinsky Market is a fantastic food market; it has authentic bakeries, fisherman supply, fish market, and candy shops.
The Levinsky Market is also offering dried fruits, nuts. Tourist and locals are loving the Levinsky Market.
The Levinsky Market address is Levinsky, Ha’Alliya and Hertzel st.

Sarona Market

This market is the last the built-in Israel; I love coming to this market.
The indoor restaurants and food booths are fantastic!
There are exclusive products from around the world, kitchen supply and even Cheesecake factory.
Roshfeld have a restaurant in the Sarona Market, Ran Shmueli, and more.
You can find candies, food, wines…everything from everything!
If you want, you can hang out at the great park outside the Sarona Market.
I didn’t take a tour in the Sarona Market, so I’m adding it to my to-do list.

The address for Sarona Market is 3 Kalman Magen St.

And Tzfon Market I’ve told you about previously

Besides that, I can’t wait to go to the food festival this coming weekend, and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys all about it!
Stay tuned and suit up!

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Shavuot – The cheesy holiday of Israel

In the previous days, we have celebrated in Israel Shavuot.
Shavuot symbolized by eating cheese and dairy food. If you are not lactate sensitive, you might enjoy this holiday.
Is Shavuot is a cheesy holiday? I think it is . It is also a vegan friendly holiday.

So, what is Shavuot?

Shavuot means “weeks.” The term referring to the biblical holiday celebrated in Sivan 6th.this is the anniversary of the day the Jewish people were given the Torah in Sinai mountain.
In, Shavuot the counting of the ‘Omer that starting in Passover is ending, It is also the celebration on the harvest of the wheat.
In Shavuot time in the first days of the temple in Jerusalem, the people of Israel came with Bikkurim of the first fruit and the harvest. Three times that the Israeli and Jewish people who lived in, the days of the Temple in Jerusalem – In Sukkot, Passover, and Shavuot.

desert of Israel

So, what are we cocking?

All the food blogs so as in the supermarket of Israel cheese and cheese deals.

Yes, But why?

A few reasons of eating dairy?

  • In the first books, they use to eat honey and milk in Shavuot
  • In the book of habits in Shavuot, you will eat milk and continuing. You need to eat meat because there is no happiness without meat.
  • In the Book of Delights saying that the dairy meal has to do in the night of the end of Sfirat Haomer.
  • In this day of the Bikkurim, we need to eat two meals, one is dairy, and the other is a meat meal.
  • The gematria of the word milk in Hebrew is 40 – 40 generations since Moshe wrote the Torah, 40 days that Moshe was on the mountain of Sinai.
  • When the people of Israel receive the Torah they cocked in one way when receiving the Torah, and now they have to make the meat in a Kosher way, They didn’t have meat after the Kosher so they could eat only dairy and none meat.
Cheese burekas for shvuot in israel, cheesy holiday

Every year we are getting ready for these holidays, the most important Shavuot we are all waiting for is the cheesecake.
Here is a baked cheesecake recipe by Chen Kachlon:

750 grams of white cheese
200g sour cream
Five separate eggs
One and a half glasses of sugar
Three bags of vanilla sugar
Four tablespoons corn-starch
Three tablespoons instant vanilla pudding

Set the oven to 160 degrees and place a pan with water to the bottom of the oven.
Separate the eggs.
Whip the egg whites with sugar + vanilla sugar.
Sugar added gradually.
In a separate bowl, mix egg yolks, cheese, cream, cornflour, and pudding.
Add the egg whites to the yolk mixture in two stages. It is essential to do this gently and with folding movements to maintain mass volume.
Do not forget to lubricate the baking pan.
Bake the cake for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Chen Kachlon cheesecake

Bonn Appetite in this cheesy festive holiday!

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Eat Tel-Aviv 2019 – Culinary Eurovision in Israel

On the beautiful shores of Tel Aviv in the 16th time – the eat TLV festival in Charles Clore Park.
We all love food markets such as North Market, and some of the culinary well know of Israel.

This year Tel Aviv hosted the Eurovision, so here we have one more reason to celebrate! Not only the Eurovision but also the culinary landmarks of Israel and Tel Aviv.

So, what we had?

The chosen date had fantastic weather, excellent location, the best food of Israel, great music and a big party, every day of the festival days have the same – music, food, wine, and a great fun party.

One of the greatest things was that even the kids had the stuff to do. It’s incredible by the organizers and the city of Tel Aviv that the kids have things to do when the kids are having fun the parents having fun as well.

Anyone who loves food could find himself there with something great to eat, the entrance was for free, and the price of food is not over 35 Shekel a dish.

The festival started two decades ago and took place in the Yarkon park, I like this location better, but TLV parking is always hard.

All the best chefs of Israel and the culinary institutes came to cook, Such as – Haim Cohen, Shaul Ben Aderet, Omer Miller, and more.

Some of Tel Aviv Restaurants

Here are some restaurants that participate in the Eat Tel Aviv, some of them are well known:

Yafo Tel Aviv and Dixie by Haim Cohen:

Captain Curry by Jonathan Roshfeld:

One of the good restaurants and not far from the Park Manta Ray:

Shaul Ben Aderet, The blue Rooster:

The first Vietnamese restaurant in Israel – Vong:

The most tasty hamburger in Israel by Omer Miller:

Many more great restaurants and chefs came to the festival to cock and feed Israel and the tourist that came to the most significant event of the Year.

Right in between the food and desert you could grab some beer or glass of wine, maybe eat some dessert, hear good music if you had some luck you could see a concert.

I love these events, and I love to eat, I like to eat a good restaurant and not pay too much – even better.

We chose food from some of our favorite restaurants and didn’t have room for many more, unfortunately.

We bought beers and cocktails with the food, eating and drinking, sitting and walking, listening to great music.

These are some of the very few restaurants in Tel Aviv, and If you love food and Israel I will highly recommend of taking Israel experts food and wine tours, learn about the culinary side of Israel.


When we had enough, we just went out walking on the romantic Tel Aviv shores while the sun going done. It was a great ending to a great event.

Can’t wait for the next time, it will not be with the Eurovision activities, but I’m sure that the city of Tel Aviv will make sure we will have a great event.

Do you know what’s the best part is? If you didn’t make it this year there are dates for next year – 29-31 of May 2020, make sure you are saving the date. Just know that the culinary Eurovision will not take place in Israel…unfortunately.

I wish there will be many more fantastic events such as this one!

תודה למעל לחצי מיליון ישראלים ותיירים שהגיעו לבקר בפסטיבל האוכל הגדול בישראל! הייתה חוויה משוגעת ובעיקר טעימה 😋 מקווים שנהניתם כמונו וניפגש בשנה הבאהתלאביבEat

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Markets in Tel Aviv in March 2019

Markets are the 1st stop for every food lover, there for going to a market is one of my most loved tours while visiting another country and in this case the Markets in Tel Aviv.

North Market, Shuk Tzafon

Market north, in Hebrew “Shuk Tzafon” is a entrepreneurship of Michal Anski. Michal performed as a judge in a famous food reality TV show in Israel.
She earned the trust of the audience in Israel in the show as she was giving honest reviews of food she was judging and more over while tasting it she was doing it with a big smile and a genuine appeal.

The concept behind Market North is about people who go to a Market and at some point they want to eat something that is prepared from the freshest ingredients and that is made on the spot, therefor, combine that with a chef and you have an outstanding idea.

Market north in Tel Aviv is not only a Market, it also a place that you can visit with your Family.
In March the Market will host Purim events for the kids, a “Week of Greece”, “TapasFestival” and an evening of nostalgic music in Thursdays.

Markets in Tel Aviv

Among the many restaurants you can find in the restaurant are:

Don’t forget that if you can’t visit the market, a few of the restaurant offer a delivery service.

Market North is open from Sunday to Thursday between 10:00 – 22:00 And in Friday between 09:00 – 16:00.The Market is closed on Satudays.
The Market is closed on Satudays.

Market North is located in Tel Aviv, 20 Raoul wallenberg St.