The best humus in Israel

Last weekend I was standing in a long line of people outside of an incredibly good restaurant, located in the old Jaffa (Yafo) port by the name The old man and the sea, waiting to get a table to this food factory of excellent management and superb waiter service, that at times look like a dance.

I couldn’t help myself from over hearing a loud talk between a group of people that were standing right in front of me in line.

Those loud people were talking about a humus dish, a simple humus dish that they ate a few days ago.

Le’nagev humus

The humus dish they were talking about, is one that you don’t go to a restaurant to eat it or as it’s called in Israel “le’nagev humus” as there is no restaurant, and actually no one knows who is making this humus or where is coming from.

The interesting part I picked from over listening to their talk about the humus, is that it is prepared by a guy who calls himself “ha’bore”, in English it means the creator.

No one knows the identity of the person behind ha’bore, it is kept behind a curtain. The only known way of contacting him and order the elusive humus dish is by entering a secret WhatsApp group.
The Whatsapp group status is “on a need to know basis”.
Furthermore, the people who know about it, pass it from one to another with great secrecy.

Furthermore, it is passed from one to another with great secrecy.

If you’re lucky to get to the chat group, you will need to make an order, and, the order is operated by an order bot, he was a funny bot, he tells Marvin style jokes while in the process of ordering, there are no menu options, you can choose either humus for 1 or for 2.

Once you’re done, you will need to send your location and next, pay (yes, is is a pricey dish) and, a human bicycle delivery rider will be on his way once the humus dish is done.

Now you pray, you pray that ha’bore will find time in his busy schedule and, get your order ready in a timely manner and before your stomach juices boil.

A masked delivery guy

Then, after 20-30 minutes of stomach turns a masked delivery guy finds you, hands over a brown bag, says nothing and rides away.

After pulling some strings and talking with a local Israel experts tour guide, I was lucky enough to find a way into that secret chat group, and went over the whole process, no doubt that it was one of the best hummus dishes I had while in Israel, not only-but also, I understood the genius mind behind the whole operation.

not only-but also, I understood the genius mind behind the whole operation.

It is not the humus that your buying here, it is an extremely well thought mysterious food delivery experience that your buying here, and it’s working, it got me hooked.

The best humus in Israel / Tel-Aviv

The humus dish is now part of Tel-Aviv culinary highlights and a persona that the whole city talks about.

Ayla shomroni, a loyal ha’bore humus customer and a Tel Aviv night life expert said:

ha’bore is a famous well decorated chef in Israel that everyone knows, but for this new serving niche he decided to keep a curtain of mystery,
besides, it seems like it is working good for him.

Ayla shomroni

Ha’bore invented a whole new food niche I haven’t seen anywhere yet except Israel, it’s a quest to find something, it’s a food escape room.

And as with many things invented in Israel, this one will surely take Europe and soon the United States by storm.

Until publication of this article there was no comment from ha’bore in regards of the questions that we sent him, keeping the mystery on.