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Abu Gosh Israel restaurants and sweets

After great meal at Abu Gosh Israel restaurants we continue to the sweets and deserts.

Abu Gosh resturants and sweets

After eating in the Abu restaurant as mentioned in the previous story, visiting the Ein Hemed in this hot but beautiful weekend. Just a few stairs under the Abu Gosh restaurant you can find the Abu Gosh sweets.

We are discovering the Abu Gosh restaurant in Shalom street, Abu gosh is by the way to the Jerusalem, many pilgrims are visiting the holy city of the Holy land, on your next Israel tour make sure to stop here.

Abu Gosh resturants and sweets

An excellent finish of a great meal is the desert. There is a saying that claiming that women have a separate stomach for desserts.

In my case it’s true 😊

So what did we find at the sweets store?

Fresh made Kanafeh – in Arabic كُنافة‎.

Abu Gosh resturants and sweets

Kanafeh is a traditional middle east Deseret layer of Kadaief noodles, goat cheese, and sugar syrup, delicious desert better to eat hot or at least warm because the goat cheese is less tasty if not hot.

They also offering Baklava, I mentioned the Baklava few articles ago. Baklava is Turkish, or Lebanon oriented, there are a few versions of Baklava – with Kadaaeif noodles or with filo dough, many kinds of nuts and honey or sugar syrup.

I love the Baklava with the Kadaaif noodles.

Abu Gosh resturants and sweets

One more of the middle east delight is the Turkish delight or as it calls in Israel – Rahat Lokum.

It is another tremendous middle east, and Mediterranean cuisine and dessert.

In Arab it called rāḥat al-ḥulqūm (رَاحَة الْحُلْقُوم)  this means throat comfort, such as the excellent food we know that called comfort food, I guess the Lokum is one of this family.

This candy is gel-based, rose flavor, cinnamon or mint, and many more.

I love the tastes of the Lokum.

Abu Gosh resturants and sweets

What did we eat?

All of the above, I am sure there are many more, but these were ready to take.

The kids finished all the Kanafeh in the car before we even left Abu gosh so no doubt it was good!

While visiting Israel and the holy land following the pilgrims and the Israel roots for sure you will pass Abu gosh, don’t think twice – eat!