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24 rupee vegan restaurant

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24 rupee is the 4th place of my Top 5 spicy dishes in Israel list.

I have to be honest, I’m not a vegan, altough it did cross my mind a few times while I was visiting Israel, almost in every busy street corner you can find a place that sells Shawarma, after eating that outstanding dish (no it’s not even close to the shaurma we have in the United States) at times you can’t stop thinking of those adorable chickens that are slaughtered and cooked.

This is going to be a Tel aviv travel Vegan post, let’s have a break and not talk about food that contain animals.

Tel Aviv, the vegan capital of the world

Tel Aviv is a vegan friendly city, it is listed with 8 vegan restaurants per 100,000 residents, some sites even reported that travelling to Tel-Aviv is satisfying with all the Vegan restaurants.

Going from meat lover to vegan in Tel Aviv

After feasting on a few shawarmas at the Vacation in Israel I decided to try a vegan restaurant, and as I’m a huge fan of spicy food I asked a few people about a good place.

Most of the people said “Get out of here, you? vegan??” and a few others just laughed, but some of them we’re serious, I’m not sure if they we’re really serious or it was the heat, but they all pointed that I should try 24 Rupee restaurant.

I have searched for 24 Rupee and the first thing that came to my mind after a glimpse of the logo is that it looks like that demogorgon monster from Stranger things…

24 Rupee logo

I have started my journey into the vegan restaurant 24 Rupee in Tel Aviv seeking for spicy food and found and outstanding place that I ranked #4 in my list of top 5 spicy dishes in Israel.

Dishes in 24 Rupee

While I was traveling to Tel Aviv, my good friend Michal joined me and together we went to 24 Rupee.

We had a very nice chat and after drinking some room temperature we finally, we ordered a couple of first dishes, the first one was named momo, it’s kind of dumplings, the second one was named Samosa and YES it was a bit spicy.

Right after we received our main dish which was somewhat a mix of Indian dishes most of them we’re spicy and I was extremely happy with it.

To conclude, my day trip to Tel Aviv we went to eat at 24 Rupee restaurant and it was incredible, the place is full with color and keeps an open mind, we have set there on carpets and the tables were short, some of our eating neighbors were sitting on the grass and it was wonderful chatting with them.

The dishes were spicy and it deserves getting to the 4th spot on my list of top 5 spicy dishes in Israel, don’t forget that a better way to have a trip to Israel it’s advised to join an Israel Experts.

It is located in Schocken Street 16, Tel Aviv.

BeerSheba · Ful

Top 5 spicy dishes in Israel

Election day in the holy land is right around the corner, with it the spirits in Israel are getting into more and more loud arguments, you can catch those arguments while having a bus ride in Tel-Aviv or mostly you can’t ignore the youth having loud arguments in the train.

The last arguments I over heard while I was riding the train from Tel Aviv to Be’er-Sheva, which a was part of my tour / vacation to Eilat, yes Eilat, it is the most southern city and the most famous resort for local Israelis.

Eilat is a neighbor city to Aqaba located in Jordan just a cross the border, I know there are interesting day trips that you can take frim Eilat to Aqaba and I sure plan on taking one myself, I will write about that soon.

Well, enough off topic things, lets focus on what’s important here and it is the food.

So, while I was riding the train, I heard the loud argument of a youth group about who will be a better prime minister after the elections, some said that if Benny Gantz will win the elections, the country will go into a turmoil, similar to the one happened when there was “maa-pach” a word that the local Israeli people use to describe the elections in 1977 when the likud came into power in Israel and brought a turmoil to the country that had many wavelets even for a decade after.

Another youth group was arguing that Benjamin Netanyahu is a master of his domain, and he knows that the fight got really hard in this elections so he is doing an educated loss at these elections just to came as a savior in the upcoming Years with the upcoming turmoil of the prime minister exchange, but, with all that Netanyahu is an old dog, and he knows how to play the game, he is a master in this game and there are many bunny’s in his sleeve that we still didn’t see.

Of course, Netanyahu with the “behind the scenes” unpresented support of the miser multi billionaire Kobi Maymon, can do almost anything.

While this argument was going on, I could think that I want to eat spicy food, Israel – the holy land has many spicy dishes that in part are famous, but at the most part they are infamous or only known to the locals.

Let’s have a break from the spicy arguments going on all over Israel for a few minutes and I’ll show you the top 5 spicy dishes I just loved in my tour to the holy land.

So without further ado…

The top 5 spicy dishes in Israel

And in the 5th spot…

Number 5 hot spicy food in the Holy Land

Beit Hafol in the old city of Beersheba.

Beit Hafol in the old town of Beersheba, Israel.
Beit Hafol in the old town of Beersheba, Israel.

There isn’t a good way to describe this outstanding place, so I’ll do my best.
Right after I went out of the train that brought me to Beersheba on my tour to Eilat and Jordan, I was really hungry and asked a few local Israeli people where should I eat, some gave me the generic answer of McD, some pointed me to local food chains, But I was looking for something genuine and local, a family business.

Some of the people I asked on the street about food, pointed me to Beit Hafol, they said…

I know this place for years. Ful (Broad bean) in a pita is something you must try.

not any Beit Hafol (As it appears there are a few of those) but as one person said, the one and only Beit Hafol in the old city of Beersheba.

So, I hopped on a Taxi, which btw was nice to tell me about how tasty the food in Beit Hafol and that I should order Fol in Pita and that they give you a massive amount of free salads on the side.

The Taxi ride was only 5 minutes and the driver charged me 25 shekels which is approx. $6.

And so I came into standing in front of the grand culinary establishment called “Beit Hafol” ready to order my pita, right after I’ll get pass a long line of people who are standing before me, but rest assured that the line moves extremely fast and there is entertainment whole waiting.

The lady of the restaurant is named Osnat, is taking care of the customers, it seems like she is always angry and frustrated, but boy oh boy does she make that food fast while chatting with the clients impatiently and it seems all clients know her by name and greet her.

It’s understandable as this business is working since 1952.

To make things short, I got my pita with ful, after Osnat smiled and asked me in Hebrew what I wanted inside of it and the local Israeli and Bedouin people helped with the translation, I’ve set down to eat…

Osnat from Beit Hafol in Beersheba, Israel

I took a big bite, and wow, it’s an explosion of unknown tastes in your mouth, an amazing mixture of middle eastern spices, some Arab cuisine spices and local Israeli vegetables, it was amazing… BUT the dish was HOT, I mean really really HOT HOT.

(That was the reason Osnat was smiling) it seems like it’s a local tradition to burn the mouths of tourists in Beersheba, but hey it was so tasty I couldn’t stop eating it and ordered another pita with ful, this time with a cup of lemonade to ease the spicy taste.

The conclude, Beit Hafol and its dish of ful in pita is the number 5th place to eat a spicy dish in Israel while touring the country.

BTW: ful is Vicia faba that is cooked over night with many spices.

It is located in Herzl St 55, Beersheba, a taxi should not cost over 25 Shekels, no tip isn’t needed as it’s not common in Israel.

The Negev Museum of Art

While there you can visit the amazing Negev Museum of art, which is located a short step from Beit Hafol, in 60 Ha’atzmaut st – http://


The best humus in Israel

Last weekend I was standing in a long line of people outside of an incredibly good restaurant, located in the old Jaffa (Yafo) port by the name The old man and the sea, waiting to get a table to this food factory of excellent management and superb waiter service, that at times look like a dance.

I couldn’t help myself from over hearing a loud talk between a group of people that were standing right in front of me in line.

Those loud people were talking about a humus dish, a simple humus dish that they ate a few days ago.

Le’nagev humus

The humus dish they were talking about, is one that you don’t go to a restaurant to eat it or as it’s called in Israel “le’nagev humus” as there is no restaurant, and actually no one knows who is making this humus or where is coming from.

The interesting part I picked from over listening to their talk about the humus, is that it is prepared by a guy who calls himself “ha’bore”, in English it means the creator.

No one knows the identity of the person behind ha’bore, it is kept behind a curtain. The only known way of contacting him and order the elusive humus dish is by entering a secret WhatsApp group.
The Whatsapp group status is “on a need to know basis”.
Furthermore, the people who know about it, pass it from one to another with great secrecy.

Furthermore, it is passed from one to another with great secrecy.

If you’re lucky to get to the chat group, you will need to make an order, and, the order is operated by an order bot, he was a funny bot, he tells Marvin style jokes while in the process of ordering, there are no menu options, you can choose either humus for 1 or for 2.

Once you’re done, you will need to send your location and next, pay (yes, is is a pricey dish) and, a human bicycle delivery rider will be on his way once the humus dish is done.

Now you pray, you pray that ha’bore will find time in his busy schedule and, get your order ready in a timely manner and before your stomach juices boil.

A masked delivery guy

Then, after 20-30 minutes of stomach turns a masked delivery guy finds you, hands over a brown bag, says nothing and rides away.

After pulling some strings and talking with a local Israel experts tour guide, I was lucky enough to find a way into that secret chat group, and went over the whole process, no doubt that it was one of the best hummus dishes I had while in Israel, not only-but also, I understood the genius mind behind the whole operation.

not only-but also, I understood the genius mind behind the whole operation.

It is not the humus that your buying here, it is an extremely well thought mysterious food delivery experience that your buying here, and it’s working, it got me hooked.

The best humus in Israel / Tel-Aviv

The humus dish is now part of Tel-Aviv culinary highlights and a persona that the whole city talks about.

Ayla shomroni, a loyal ha’bore humus customer and a Tel Aviv night life expert said:

ha’bore is a famous well decorated chef in Israel that everyone knows, but for this new serving niche he decided to keep a curtain of mystery,
besides, it seems like it is working good for him.

Ayla shomroni

Ha’bore invented a whole new food niche I haven’t seen anywhere yet except Israel, it’s a quest to find something, it’s a food escape room.

And as with many things invented in Israel, this one will surely take Europe and soon the United States by storm.

Until publication of this article there was no comment from ha’bore in regards of the questions that we sent him, keeping the mystery on.