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Beer and Food Festival

While exploring the taste of Israel and Israel cuisine and the unique sites in the Holyland cuisine I find the beer and food festival.

Sometimes I have fancy places to dine, sometimes I’m taking you to the Falafel and the markets, I’m doing my best to keep you up to date in the event and the places for Israeli food and dining.

Not long ago I gave you a review on the beer festival of Kfar Saba, Last week. There was a beer festival in Hod Hasharon, the festival is taking place in Ramat Hasharon in even Beer-Sheva.

In the beer festival in Kfar Saba, I wrote about the beers, this time I want to write about the food.

I did drink and taste some beers, but the food is the main things.

As I said in the previous blog post, I wrote about the food trucks.

This is a bit issue in Israel mostly because of the Kosher (hard to keep it without regular kitchen). And taxes (with the municipal authority – which city you will pay a fee in), and the kitchen and restaurants in Israel have some laws for business such as restaurants.

But in these kinds of events, it’s possible to invite portable kitchens such as the food trucks.

What food trucks and what kind of good was at the beer festival?

There wasn’t connecting line in the type of the kitchen and food. Prices were decently and didn’t exceed the 50 Shekel.

What dishes and what kind of food?

-Vegan point – there was a vegan burger, cauliflower in the coating, onion tempura and vegan hot dog

Beer, food, music, vegan

-Pizza food truck

Beer, food, music

-Smoked meat

Smoked meat

-Dim Sum

-German hot dog

-I saw baked potato, but I didn’t bother to take a picture or to eat that, anywhere you will go you will find potatoes.

Saved for last – the music.

Knesiat Hasechel is an Israeli band from Sderot.

They play authentic Israeli and ethnic music combined with rock music. Great band!

Overall it was a great evening beside the moist.

Until next time peace out